About the Report Advisory Panel

An Advisory Panel of corporate practitioners, experts in stakeholder engagement, and civil society leaders provided constructive comments throughout the research and writing process. While the panel was engaged to comment and advice at key stages of the research (i.e. scope of research, drafts of final report), the views expressed in this report are solely those of the authors and research team and do not necessarily reflect the views of all panel members. Hence, Panel members were given the opportunity to comment and reflect on the final report within quotes that are available below.
• Gavin Anderson, Independent, Keystone
• Nicolas Blanc, Corporate Relations, Comite 21
• Maggie Burns, Senior, Associate, Independent
• Felix Dodds, CEO, Stakeholder Forum
• Stephanie Draper, Deputy Director Business Program, Forum for the future
• Glenn Frommer, CSR Manager, MTR
• Saliem Fakir, formerly IUCN/ GRI TAC
• Bill Glanville, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, International Institute for Sustainable Development Michael
• Hammer, CEO/ Director – new in post replacing Simon B., One world trust
• Vernon Jennings, Independent
• Derick de Jongh, Director: Centre for Corporate Citizenship, University of South Africa
• Rob Lake, Formerly Head of Corporate Engagement, Henderson Global Investors
• Cornis van der Lugt, Division of Technology Industry and Economics(DTIE), UNEP
• Steve Lydenberg, Chief Investment officer, Domini Social Investments
• Al Nierenberg, Director Corporate Accountability Program, Ceres
• Trevor Rees, Senior Programme Manager, LEAD

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